Let’s Have Lunch!

On October 7th right after church (noon) the Youth Group will walk down to Miller’s  BBQ. Enjoy some good food, good friends and good conversation!
 Be Youth
Student Ministry
Youth are encouraged to become involved in a Student Life of Faith through friendships, prayer, missions, and worship. 
Be YOU(th) is a group who fully accepts all students, we encourage everyone to be themselves, and have a desire to know more about faith and Christ, but have fun doing so.
Come check it out!
Our Student Ministry is a place to develop Christian friendships, be yourself, and have a group behind you during your middle school and high school years.  Behind you, in front of you, and encircling you, there are people you can have fun with who grow to know you, love you, pray for you, and even cry with you.
As a student, you have so many venues to be involved in at school and in the community.  But wouldn’t you like have a Christ-filled group too?  Think about it, a non-judging, very supportive group where Christ is center, and real, and His love is shared among us; that’s our goal!
Sunday Youth 
Wednesday Youth 
Youth Bible Study
9:30 – 10:30 am 
Upstairs Youth Room
in the Family Life Center

 Youth Worship

Youth Worship is 6:00-7:30pm in the Family Life Center. Please join us for a meaningful time of worship through praise songs, the reading of scripture, a message, and prayer. This worship experience is planned and led by the youth under the guidance of the youth director. 

Be You(th) Worship
and Small Groups
Middle and High School  
Upstairs Youth Room in the Family Life Center
Enjoy snacks, games, student level faith-based lessons, and quarterly community service.  This Student Life Fellowship hopes to grow your student in faith, and friends while encouraging leadership and acceptance. 
“Use God as your guide – then guide others to Christ”
Be YOU(th)!
Contact information:
 Call the church office at
 254-939-5703 or
email to StudentMinistry@fumcmail.org
if you have questions.