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Care Connection

Care Connection is a group of volunteers with varied spiritual gifts, skills, talents, and resources who serve in a common compassion ministry of caring.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry provides a hand-made knitted or crocheted shawl for anyone who is in need of God’s comfort. This is a small tangible way to feel God’s love wrapped around your shoulders during a difficult or challenging period.
The shawls lay in the sanctuary soaking up the prayers, Spirit, and God’s love.  Each quarter, they are blessed before being washed and given to their recipient.  You may send a request if you or someone who may benefit from this compassion ministry.
Knitters & Crocheters Needed
Your talents are appreciated.
Shawls for women, men, children, babies, and youth are a blessing and needed. 
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Hospital Visitation
When an emergency or an expected medical procedure arises be assured this is a church community, that cares.  
Upon request, a volunteer will discreetly provide comfort, Faith, and visitation for you or your family.  We are always in prayer for you and your family during these times.
Home & Nursing Home Visitation
Connections of Faith are vital and for a member of the church family, this continues through the efforts of a team of volunteers who serve on the Visitation Team.  Either by sending notes or personal visits, they keep contact with those familiar faith friends. Through these visits – copies of bulletins, newsletters, or recordings of the weekly Sunday Services (via CD) can be delivered.
Meals, Caring Notes, & Dr. Appointments
We have all heard the quote, “It takes a village” and in Care Connection thankfully with so many Gifts, Talents, and Skills being shared the village is able to accomplish a lot.  
There is a team of volunteers who willingly prepare meals when there is an extended illness or a death in the family.  Perhaps, you are in need of a driver to a Dr.’s appointment? – Care Connection will attempt to assist you with this request.  
Funeral Meal Team
This is a team of volunteers who help in the preparation of meals for the family.  If you are interested in serving on this Team please fill out the interest form below.
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If you feel called to serve on the Care Connection Team
please contact the Church Office.