Connect with Small Groups
One of the easiest ways to connect, have fun, grow in faith, and to study the Bible is through Small Group life experiences.
We feel Small Group life is essential for Christians, both old and new, to move forward in their personal relationship with Christ is to discover more about Grace, Hope, and Love in our lives in order to effect our community by serving.
We are a stronger Body of Christ by knowing more about the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  • All of our groups are structured to be casual to encourage comfortable conversation, questions, and exploration of Faith. 
  • Participants purchase study material.  Because we feel group study is important – scholarships are available, please contact the office.
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 Popcorn Small Group
Popcorn Bible Study
Sundays @ 5 pm
Fellowship Hall
***This Bible study will be starting back up in January.  Check back in then to see what they’ll be studying next!***
Yes, there is popcorn and other snacks!!! Join lively conversation and study on the Holy Spirit, prayer, discipleship, Faith, and God, while growing in our Faith.  About every 6-8 weeks a new study begins which features popular titles such as “Circle Maker”, “Just Walk Across the Room”, “A Bead and A Prayer”, and many more.
So, “POP” in to grow in your faith.
2nd and 4th Tuesdays
11:30 am
This fun social group meets at a different local restaurant on a bi-weekly basis. Everyone is welcome to join the group for lunch.
Check the Website Calendar
for the next Luncheoneer location.  
CrossRoads meets every Wednesday at 6:00pm.