The Rose of Calvary
by Joseph M. Martin
   Performed by the Chancel Choir
of the Belton First United
Methodist Church
Directed by
Carol Scherer
 March 30, 2018 at 7:00 pm
The image of a sacred flower, a divine rose, from heaven’s own garden blooming in the shadows of our world is a portrait of hope and comfort.  When translated into music, it becomes a song that speaks to our deepest needs for a restoration and redemption.  It sings to us of gardens lost to sin and despair.  It reveals to us a lonely garden where ancient olive trees stand silent witness to the suffering of the savior.  It sings of a garden meant for death suddenly springing to life in a shower of joyful alleluias.  It is God’s tender love song reminding us all that we are children of the garden. Finally, at its heart, it is the music of one truly perfect Rose, who, choosing grace, died for his beloved thorns.
                                             Joseph Martin