December 16 at 1:00
Laundry Love
Laundry Love Serve Project
“If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being.”
Belton First United Methodist Church  realizes discipleship relationships are a top priority.  Our ultimate goal is to develop intentional consistent Jesus-centered relationships, while we are serving, as one of the most effective ways to see lasting life change.
Through the mission of Laundry Love, we recognize the dignity of having clean clothes and how this small act can help make a difference in the spiritual well being for our community.  We have adopted a local laundromat which is a central location in our community and this allows us to develop meaningful spiritual relationships.
Laundry Love initiative consists of providing regular opportunities to help regular people who may be
struggling financially by assisting them with paying for their laundry while easing a financial burden. 
The Laundry Love Team is looking for smiling team members to join this team to go out on this mission one Sunday afternoon a month for a 2 -3 hour period of time (after church).  We are especially in need of Spanish speaking Team Members and male Team Members to help with this ministry.  If you are interested in serving on this Team please contact the church office.
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                                     Our adopted laundromat

Smith Drive In Grocery Store/ Suds & Wash