Online Giving and Stewardship
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Know God. Grow in Faith. Share Christ’s Love.
This short statement of who we are at First United Methodist Church, Belton has helped us to focus and clarify our work and ministry, to use our resources more effectively and have a greater impact in the world and in our community. It is our custom at this time in the year to ask the church family to make a commitment of their time, talents, and treasure for the coming year.  By doing so, it makes it possible for us as a church to accomplish forward planning for next year.
Thank you for all you have done already.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to proclaim the Good News of our Risen Savior.
Grace and Peace,
Darren Walker, Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church, Belton
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Our budget represents the prayerful MINISTRY PLAN we have for 2017.
It is a tool we use that enables us to achieve our Mission for Christ.
It is the financial structure we use to help us keep track of our MISSION OBJECTIVES, and to assure the congregation’s gifts are properly managed.
This is a view of our 2017 Stewardship Celebration Pledge Card.
To begin or change Electronic Giving, please click here.
If you have any questions or wish to email your pledge to our Business Manager,
please use our Church EMail.
 The General Building Fund
The General Building Fund is not a part of the Church’s Annual Budget and stands as a separate, designated account commonly used for raising funds for new construction or major renovations.  This fund is also used for major repairs to buildings and replacement of equipment like air conditioning systems that are outside the normal maintenance budget.  We ask that giving to the General Building Fund be “second giving” to insure normal operating expenses can be funded for God’s Mission Objectives.
Proposed 2017 Building Fund Project List
  • Painting and repair of the Sanctuary ceiling, walls, and window sills.
  • Repair or replacement of protective panels on outside of stained glass windows as these have become damaged.
  • Evaluation of and necessary repair of Sanctuary structure.
  • Painting and mortar repair on the exterior of the main church building.
Projects are not listed in priority and will be completed as funds are available.
  Please do not donate to a specific project unless you are able to fully fund it.
  Please make all donations to Building Fund.