It’s that time of year again, and the Apple Trees are up and the apples are ready to be “picked”!
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Red Apple – A new set of school clothes. Please read instructions on the sheet available by the apples.  (Usually runs between $50 and $75, depending on the student’s age.)  Please make sure the clothing is new, as this is usually the only new clothing most of these children receive each year. 
Yellow Apple – School Supplies.  Donate $35, please make sure and  write “school supplies” in the memo.  Helping Hands can order the school supplies easier and more cost effectively than purchasing them yourself.      You can go and purchase the individual supplies yourself, but between the time it takes for you to do that, and the time it takes the Helping Hands volunteers to verify that all the supplies are there, it really is simpler to either donate the money, or go to Perry Office Supply and purchase the pre-made packets that they have available.  A $5 donation will purchase a new backpack.  The children are allowed to pick out their own backpacks.
Items should be brought to the church office by August 2nd.