Let’s Get Our Bake On!!!
Adopt-A-Unit Christmas Cookie Project
Our adopted unit, 289th QuarterMaster 553 1st Cavalry, has a large contingency deployed to the border at this time.  They do not know if they will be back for Christmas, and most of them have families.  After speaking with our contact at the rear, the consensus was that it would be great if we could offer some Christmas cheer to all the soldiers and their families, but due to the numbers of families (194) and the number of soldiers deployed (186) that we should focus on the deployed troops and the single soldiers here at the rear.   We are asking for one dozen homemade cookies for 206 soldiers.  Please call or email the office and let them know if you will be part of this ministry, and how many dozen cookies you will bake.  They need to be packaged by the dozen, so they will be more easily sorted.  Kelli Q. will get the cookies to the unit at Ft. Hood, and they will drive them down to the border to deliver the cookies.  We need all cookies here at the church by noon on Dec. 13th! 
In the past we’ve had Christmas card campaigns, too.  It would be nice if each dozen of cookies was accompanied by a Christmas card!