Belton FUMC



With the electronic version of our directory, you can access both via a web-site on the internet, or with a free app you can install on your smartphone or tablet.  
You are required to create your own password.  The online version is NOT the complete directory.  It has the member roster (with pictures) that has addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. It also has a staff page that has staff photos and info on it.  
The plus to this version is that it is always up-to-date.  But it is NOT the complete directory.  This is the link to Instant Church Directory website:  
You must have an email address that is listed in our directory or you cannot access it with either version.  When someone leaves the church, their info will be deleted and they will no longer be able to access either version.
Since this is a pdf file, nothing can be changed.  When someone new joins the church, Elizabeth will update the directory and send the updated pdf file to the webmaster.  The password will not change.  Before you can access the pdf file you will need to contact Elizabeth for the password.
This Directory version is in full color and can be printed in either color or black & white from your own printer.  
Below is a pdf file containing security information and the info on the free app you can get for your smartphone or tablet.