Our Missionaries
Bill Lovelace
Long time missionary William Lovelace and his wife Helen live in Norway, where Helen pastors at three churches. Bill ministers primarily to migrants who reach Norway, fleeing some difficult situations in Western Europe. He mentioned young people coming from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and other Balkan countries. He assists them in finding food, clothing and places to stay. He also shepherds them through the immigration process. Since Bill, himself, is an immigrant he is knowledgeable of the process of completing paperwork and any other requirements. He says in Norway this process takes about a month.  He is very grateful for the support and prayers from FUMC Belton that help him serve these migrants and others in Norway.


Katie Meek
I’m thrilled to connect with the church in Belton! I know your pastor well. We served on the Board of Ordained Ministry together in Central Texas.
I am still in Sierra Leone! I am serving as a lecturer at the United Methodist University of Sierra Leone. I put out a periodical newsletter. Church members can sign up for it at http://eepurl.com/cWbJr.
You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at “Postmodern Missionary” and find my blog at www.postmodernmissionary.com.
I will tell you that needs here are great! On the education side, this is a new school, so we are still building towards selfsufficiency. Your help makes it possible for the UMC in Sierra Leone to grow up faith leaders whose foundational values are service, excellence and integrity.