A League of Their Own

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Sermon on the Mound                                         Matthew 5:1-10

A League of Their Own

The view of baseball was dramatically changed during World War II.  Many of the players in the Major Leagues were drafted, and several owners created the All-American Girls Professional League.  It gave America a new view of baseball-a view that at first was not welcomed.

What are the Beatitudes?

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives us a new way of looking at our life in the world.  Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is key to developing a Christian worldview.
Throughout the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus turns upside down the long-held beliefs, mores, and expectations of what it means to be God’s faithful people.  Nowhere is this more true than these openings statements about who is blessed (and by inference, and who is not.)  Like a fantastic season opener, or a game that starts off with a homerun, Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount in a way that will get us to our feet (or at least cause us to scratch our heads!)  The “Be-atitudes” or “The Blesseds” that begin the Sermon on the Mount are also often translated as “happy.”  The most accurate translation would be “Blissful.”  Such is the level of happiness, unlike any the world can offer, of the persons who fall into each of these categories.  This puts them in a “league of their own.”  Some are less troublesome than others, e.g., “blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.”  But what about the “spiritually poor?” Or those who grieve?
Beatitudes gives a new way of looking at the Christian faith-at what it means to follow Christ.  At first, it is not a welcomed view.  Is it any different today?
Life Point: The Beatitudes show us a way to live at a level of happiness the world cannot offer.

Reflect on: (fill in the blanks to mirror your life)

Blessed/Happy are those who _______; for they _______________

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