A Psalm for Life

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 A Psalm for Life                                                      Psalm 23

We end this sermon series with the most popular Psalm.  Psalm 23 is even known in secular cultures.
There is probably no other Psalm as well-loved and oft quoted as Psalm 23.  It is quoted in times of trouble, in times of anxiety, at funerals, and in times of heartache.
Psalm 23 is traditionally attributed to David, a shepherd by trade and king by selection.
Psalm 23 certainly demonstrates confidence in God by the psalmist and instills confidence in the reader.

The Game of Life Life does not always turn out like we expect or wanted.

We are not sure what point in David’s mortal life he penned these immortal words.  The sermon looks at how the Psalm speaks to different phases in David’s life, so we will experience the psalm speaking to us at the different phases of our lives.
Reflect On:
1) If a spontaneous celebration erupted right now, what would you celebrate?
2)  Which part(s) of Psalm 23 speak directly to your life today?
Memory Verse:
Choose your favorite verse or verses from Psalm 23 and memorize them.  Or memorize the whole Psalm.

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