Anger-the Skipper

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Cast Away            Anger – The Skipper

Psalm 137

137 Alongside Babylon’s streams, there we sat down, crying because we remembered Zion. 2 We hung our lyres up in the trees there 3 because that’s where our captors asked us to sing; our tormentors requested songs of joy:“Sing us a song about Zion!” they said.  4 But how could we possibly sing the Lord’s song on foreign soil?  Jerusalem! If I forget you, let my strong hand wither! 6 Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth if I don’t remember you, if I don’t make Jerusalem my greatest joy. Lord, remember what the Edomites did on Jerusalem’s dark day: “Rip it down, rip it down! All the way to its foundations!” they yelled.  8 Daughter Babylon, you destroyer, a blessing on the one who pays you back the very deed you did to us! 9 A blessing on the one who seizes your children and smashes them against the rock!

Anger has many redemptive qualities. We speak of “righteous anger,” that drives people to correct many wrongs in the world. Even Jesus displayed anger when confronted with unrighteousness. Anger is a natural response to knowing the world is not as it ought to be. The infamous Psalm 137 is a sincere cry from people in pain, asking God for justice as they would define it. But misdirected, anger can lead us to resentment, depression, and violence. It ferments into bitterness and unwillingness to take any responsibility to change things. Forgiveness enables us to move beyond the immediate wrong to proactively work for justice and rightness in the world.
Reflect on:
1) What are the ways you normally express anger?  Are they healthy or unhealthy?
2) How can/will you express your anger to God so your anger is not expressed in unhealthy ways?
3) What do you think about Jesus being angry?

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