Baggage – Family

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Baggage – Family                           Matthew 12:46-50

All those who live the perfect family life depicted by the Cleaver’s or the Nelson’s may exit the Sanctuary prior to the sermon.  For the rest, we see the reality of the struggles of real family.
The Bible is filled with stories of dysfunctional families.  Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Saul, and Jonathan, David, and the list goes on.  Moses had difficulty with his siblings – Marian and Aaron try to stir up the people against their brother (Numbers 11:35-12:3)
Who doesn’t carry the baggage of family?
Even Jesus did not have the perfect family.
In the brief story (Matthew 12:46-49), Jesus redefines family.  Family is not defined by biology and bloodlines.
Family is broader and narrower at the same time.  Broader because it includes all those living according to God’s will.  It is all those who were adopted by God (Romans 8:14-17).  
It is also narrower – there may be some who are in our biological family that are not in God’s family.
How might we as the church be and act differently if we operated with Jesus’ definition of family?
How might what we do and say in our nuclear and extended family be different if we operated with Jesus’ definition of family?

Reflect on…

1) What most troubles you about Jesus’ statement regarding His family?

2) What is most comforting to you about Jesus’ statement?


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