Baggage – Traditions

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Baggage – Traditions                                              Mark 7:1-15

Tradition is valuable and meaningful.


What are your favorite family traditions?(Possibly a vacation spot, or something you do every year for the Holidays) Do any of your family’s traditions annoy you?

In today’s passage, Jesus once again steps on some favorite traditions.

Religious traditions are intended to deepen our faith and connect 
us more closely to God.  Yet, sometimes, like baggage, they get in the way.  Tradition for tradition’s sake doesn’t honor God and makes worship a farce.  (Mark 7:6-7)  Might there be traditions we hold onto that are also empty?
When we practice traditions just because we have always done it that way, we are no less hypocritical than the Pharisees Jesus is having dinner with.
Staying focused on God during worship isn’t easy. When your mind starts to wander, how do you focus your heart on God? (Try to block out surrounding people and unrelated thoughts. Close your eyes. Meditate on the words. Express the words in prayer to God.)

As were the Pharisees, are you focused more on your body than on your heart? Which do you care for more diligently?

As we pray, let’s commit our hearts completely to God and seek His help in living by His Word alone.

When traditions lose their meaning they have become baggage.  God wants a place in our hearts not in meaningless traditions.  

It’s not what you put in your body, but what comes out of your heart that matters to God.

Reflect On:
1)  Is there a tradition that you are holding onto even though it has lost its meaning?
2)  Name a time when you experienced a tradition getting in the way of your discipleship.  Of making new disciples?

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