Conversations with God

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Conversations with God                                           Exodus 3:1-6

                                The Burning Bush

Burning Bush Byzantine mosaic 6th Century St Catherine’s Monastery Siani

The burning bush of Exodus 3 was one of those events which happens few times in a person’s life.  How many conversations have you had with God that has changed your life?
A bush was burning in the distance. Now, a burning bush would hardly be the cause of much interest, but Moses noticed the bush was unaffected by the flames. He set out to have a closer look.  The closer he got to the bush, the more incredible the scene became. Moses surely had to wonder about this phenomenon.
God will probably never give us a “burning bush” to get our attention but are you ready for your personal sign?  Will you be able to recognize your God sign?  Will you act on your sign?

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