Designed for Change

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And it was Good                            Designed for Change

Genesis 1:14-19

Designed for Change
God creates the lights in the sky, and they will mark events and sacred seasons.  There is a separation of day and night, summer and winter.  There are three way seasons have an impact in our lives.  We want to only stay n good seasons (never want the rain to fall or the ice to come).  We try to rush through seasons that are difficult.  Or we get stuck in seasons that are difficult, thinking they will never end.

Season for Everything

Ecclesiastes says there’s a season for everything.  God created in a way that gave us seasons.  So why do we think seasons won’t change (or don’t have to change).
The Hebrew word translated seasons – moadim, plural of mo’ed – comes from the root word ya’ad, to appoint.  This noun is used 223 times in Hebrew scriptures.  It designates a determined time and place – an appointed time or place.  Time such as the birth of a child, the coming of a plague, migration of a bird, etc.  In Hebrew it is used to describe sacred seasons.  For us, it would be like Easter, Pentecost, etc.  The priests again are affirming that God is still acting.   It may feel to them like they’re stuck in this season, but seasons, change, because that’s the way God designed his creation.  And that is good.
The language used to describe the sun and moon is very intentional – greater light, lesser light.  Sun  and moon represented gods in other cultures.  The priests declare they are not gods, but creations of the One True God.  God appointed the times of seasons, not these other, false gods.
To the people in Babylon, Jeremiah prophesied that the people had 70 more years in Babylon.  That sounds horrible, and yet it clearly declares that eve this season will end.
Life point:  In and through all our season, God’s creative power is at work.
Memory verse:  Jeremiah 29:11
Reflect On:
1) Which sacred season (Advent, Christmas, etc.) gives your life shape and form in this season of your life?
2)How do I want to live so I can be who I want to be?

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