Dr. Seuss Goes to Church-Unbudged

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Unbudged                                                        Numbers 32:1-2, 5-15

One day in the prairie of Prax meet two Zax.  Neither willing to budge in the least, “not an inch to the west, not an inch to the east.”  Those two stubborn Zax are left standing unbudged in their tracks.
The Hebrew people are on the verge of entering the Promised Land.  Two of the tribes do not want to go.  Moses compares them to their stubborn ancestors who also didn’t want to go and destroyed the resolve of others to move forward.
Ultimately, Moses gives in and lets them stay in the wilderness.  They do not get to experience God’s promised future.  Their preferences left them standing unbudged in their tracks.
Our preferences, even our passionate preferences, may stop us from experiencing God’s promised future – a future filled with hope.
Reflect On:
1) What is your wilderness land (personally and collectively)in which you settle?
2) What is your promised land (personally and collectively) pledged to you by God?

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