Go Beyond… With Faith

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Go Beyond… With Faith
Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Daniel 6:1-11, 13-23
Jealousy drives the officers and chief administrators of King Darius to conspire against Daniel.  Daniel was above reproach.  They had to use his own religious practice against him.  They persuade the King to issue an edict that no one is allowed to pray to any god or human except the King.  Daniel keeps his faithful practice of praying three times a day to God.  The King is forced to put Daniel into the lion’s pit.  The King wishes Daniel well.  Daniel has faith in God.  Daniel is saved.  This amazing action of God inspires the King to faith in God.
Perseverance in the face of whatever circumstances we face profoundly impact others.  So, “Never give up, never surrender.”
No matter what circumstances we face, we can always have faith in God to help us in amazing ways.