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Play Ball!                                                   Acts 11:19-26

Passive or Passionate Endeavor?

It is Baseball season! I know I live in football country and you are probably counting down the days until the season opener for UMHB, or your favorite NFL team. I am enjoying this season of Baseball. My team is in second place. I know that may not be much to celebrate, but the Detroit Tigers were picked to be dead last. A tried and true fact in baseball, on any given day any team can win.
John Thomas Schieffer, who has served as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, was speaking at the East Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce awards banquet. At the time he was the President of the Texas Rangers and was there to talk about the great new Ballpark that was being built for the Texas Rangers. (This was in the 1990s). He actually talked more about life than he did the Ballpark in Arlington. He spoke about baseball and lessons for life from baseball:
  • From Baseball you learn that on any given day, any team can win;
  • From Baseball you learn that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day. So pick yourself up and go at it again;
  • From Baseball you learn humility; there is always someone better than you. And a rookie pitcher can still strike out the best hitter;
  • From Baseball you learn forgiveness; an error may cost a game, but it never costs the whole season;
  • From Baseball you learn that a winning record means only that you have won more games than your opponents;
  • From baseball you learn that a good batting average actually means you have gotten more outs than you have gotten on base.

    In the post-banquet mingling, I thought I overheard him say to someone, “It’s funny that these life lessons are some of the same lessons Jesus taught in his parables, I wish more Christians would play ball.”

    I hope you are ready to PLAY BALL!


Reflect On:

1) How does being a Christian make a difference in how you…

A) spend your time?

B) spend your money?

C) choose your recreation?


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