Risen – I Doubt It!

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Risen – I Doubt It!                             John 20:24-29

Jesus appears to Thomas and the disciples

Risen – I Doubt It

Jesus previously had appeared to the disciples but Thomas was missing. Thomas does not doubts their claim that Jesus is alive and appeared to them.  He wants to see it for himself.  This one little doubt earned him the nickname “Doubting Thomas.”  Was it undeserved?  He simply wanted the same experience of seeing Jesus for himself that the others had instead of merely relying on their testimony.  After all, they were fishermen and a tax collector – not the most credible group.  Fishermen do like to tell their tall tales!

Unlike the others, once Thomas sees Jesus, he makes a great confession of faith. Verse 28 reads, Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!”
Could it be that doubt is not the anti-thesis of faith but can lead to a deeper faith?  To be called a doubting Thomas may not necessarily be a criticism, it may indeed be a compliment.
Church tradition and history tells us that Thomas traveled outside of the Roman Empire as a missionary, possibly as far away as India to preach the gospel, which is yet another indication of Thomas’ boldness. He may have reached Muziris, India where he baptized several believers and was possibly the first to bring the gospel to the Far East. This might explain why he is considered the Patron Saint of India. His name in the Indian language, “Thoma,” remains quite popular to this day in India.

Doubt + Belief = FAITH

Reflect on…
1)  Think about a time you experienced a period of doubting or a faith crisis.
2)  How can/will you use this period of doubting to lead you to a deeper faith?

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