Risen – When It Gets Personal

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Risen: When It Gets Personal                                    John 21:15-17

Peter, feed my sheep

Peter, feed my sheep.

Risen: When It Gets Personal

Jesus and the disciples enjoy a breakfast of fish.  Then Jesus gets personal with Peter and presses him, “Do you love Me?”  Jesus asks this question three times.  Perhaps it is an opportunity for Peter to redeem himself after denying Jesus three times – or maybe it is more.

Peter does not answer Jesus’ question the way we think and the way the English translation puts it.  He is struggling to confess that he loves Jesus unconditionally.  Peter is honest in his response.
And Jesus willing to meet Peter where he is.
Though we are new creatures because of the power of the resurrections – we still have our doubts, our struggles and thankfully Jesus meets us wherever we are on the journey.
Peter denied Jesus 3 times and the rooster crowed.  Do you have roosters, in your mind, that need to be silenced.
When are times you have been “fond” of Jesus?
How might be/is Jesus calling you beyond fondness to agape (unconditional love)?

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