Rituals – Forgiveness

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 Forgiveness                                        Luke 17:11-19

Forgiveness is tough.  It just may be one of the most challenging things we Christians have to deal with.  There are two tough aspects to forgiveness; people and sin.
We cannot be forgiven, we cannot forgive ourselves, and we cannot forgive others if we first don’t face the sin.
There are times that we avoid the sins and we say, “It’s no big deal.”  There are other times we exaggerate the sin and say, “It is too big of a deal for God to forgive.”  In both of these instances there is no forgiveness.
In the former, Christ can’t forgive because they don’t think forgiveness is needed.  The latter instance,  they think Christ won’t forgive.
As we approach the cross, we need to boldly proclaim and hear that there is nothing Christ won’t or can’t forgive.
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