Signs of God’s Work – Upside Down

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Upside Down                            Acts 3:1-11

 Healing the Lame

Upside Down

A person who is lame asks Peter and John for money.  For the lame person it is a matter of survival.  There were no social service programs to help him.  He relied solely on the generosity of others to care for him.  Peter and John are on their way to church.

What would you do?
The people, filled with compassion, would carry him to the temple gate so he could ask for money.  And obviously, people were moved to help him financially.  The people cared and cared deeply, yet he was still lame.
Peter and John don’t offer money.  They offer what they have – they offer something better, more powerful than money and survival – they offer a cure that only comes through Jesus Christ.  They told him to rise up and walk.  They help him up.  The man is able to run and jump and praise Christ’s name.
In our deep compassionate caring for people, do we also offer the cure, or do we leave them lame?

Just as John and Peter, you also have the opportunity to offer the risen Christ.