Signs of God’s Work – ????

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Signs of God’s Work – ????                                Acts 19:1-7

Holy Spirit

Paul finds himself in Ephesus and meets some Christians.  Leaving behind any customary greeting, Paul abruptly asks, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit?”  The question is intriguing, but their answer borders on disturbing, “We have not even heard there is a Holy Spirit.”  They must have been good Methodists, reared in an institutional, respectable, staid church.
I confess, there has been more than one time in my life as a United Methodist that I have asked, “Have the United Methodists even heard there is a Holy Spirit?”
Maybe we think the Holy Spirit is just for Charismatics.
Maybe we think the Holy Spirit is just for wacky Televangelists.
Maybe we think the Holy Spirit would turn our worship service into something too exciting and expressive.
Maybe we haven’t heard of the person and powerful work of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit that drove a fledging church to go places they would have never gone, to share Christ with people that before they would never even sit at the dinner table with, is the same Spirit “making it difficult for the staid church to limit the work of the Spirit to the care, internal maintenance and safekeeping of the status quo church.” (Will Willimon, The Holy Spirit p.56)
God is always ready to strengthen us in our faith. We can come to Him with our weakness, and He will make us strong. He will empower us in all that we do.
Reflect on… Acts 19

1) What experiences have you had where the Holy Spirit has been active in your church?

2) When is the last time you talked specifically about the Holy Spirit in your committee, ministry team and / or small group?

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