The Ascension – A Holiday Wanna-Be

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The Ascension                                                                      Acts 1:6-11

A Holiday Wanna-Be

Have you ever awoke on a Monday and said, “Praise God for the Ascension?”

The Ascension seems to be an obscure holiday sandwiched in between Easter and Pentecost. The Ascension didn’t make the big three; Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. Yet, the Ascension is the day we celebrate Jesus ultimately transcending the earth and affirming that Jesus is lord.

In the midst of mess, chaos, division, mass shooting, threats of war, racial injustice, human trafficking, we as Christians boldly proclaim Jesus is still lord!  Thank God for the Ascension!
*The Ascension refers to the day celebrated 40 days after Easter when Christians celebrate the fact that Jesus returns to God after being with his disciples after the resurrection.

Reflect on…

1) How does knowing “Jesus is Lord” ease your anxiety / fear?

2) What difference does “Jesus is Lord” make on Monday?