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Jesus Followers                           Mark 2:1-9

There is a big difference between being a believer in Jesus and being a follower of Jesus. One is demonstrated by intellect and the other is demonstrated by action. The gospel is very clear that Jesus does not expect us just to think rightly about Him, but also to live rightly because of Him. To be a disciple of Christ is to actually do what He has called us to do. Are you a Jesus follower?



Jesus offers forgiveness to a paralyzed person.  The person was expecting to be healed.  The people who brought him to Jesus were expecting him to be healed.  The legal experts were expecting to be healed.  Instead, Jesus offers forgiveness.
We also expect Jesus to heal.  Most of the names on the prayer list are prayers for healing.  We expect Jesus to heal.
Jesus asks, “Which one is easier, healing or forgiveness?”
Like the people in the story, we think healing is harder than forgiveness.  We need to take to heart Jesus’ question, “Which one is easier, healing or forgiveness?”
Reflect on…
Do you trust Jesus to forgive as much as you trust Jesus to heal?
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