With Risky Loyalty

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Go Beyond                       With Risky Loyalty

Joshua 2:1-14

Rahab take a great risk in hiding the spies.  Her inspiration comes from what she had heard of God’s power.  She may even be fearful.  She had to choose to be loyal to her own country and the King, or be loyal to God and God’s people.  She goes beyond her own safety for risky-loyalty.
We most likely have not nor will we face having to be loyal to country or be loyal to God.  Yet we may have faced the challenge of being loyal to family, being loyal to friends, or being loyal to God.
Rahab risked loyalty to God above all other loyalties.  And she becomes part of God’s bigger plan – she is in the ancestry of Jesus.
We may never know the impact of our risky loyalty.  Faith calls us to go beyond with risky loyalty.
Life Point:
“Life has a melody…a rhythm of notes which become your existence once played in harmony with God’s plan”-Battleship Galatica
Memory Verse:
We heard this and our hearts to water.  Because of you, people can no longer work up their courage.  This is because the Lord your God is God in heaven above and on earth below.  Joshua 2:11b
Reflect On:
1.  Which loyalties have you or do you tend to put before your loyalty to God?
2.  Pray seeking God’s help to keep God above all other loyalties.
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