You Cannot Pass

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You Cannot Pass                                    Acts 8:26-36


Luke interrupts the tremendous spread of the gospel with this seemingly pedestrian story of a eunuch sitting in his chariot at a rest stop. The person is not mentioned by name, who he is doesn’t appear as important as what he is and how he has lived his life.


Philip, prompted by the Holy Spirit, take the same road as the eunuch, meets him at the rest stop and engages in conversion. Philip, prompted by the Holy Spirit, is provided the opportunity its to share the good news of Jesus.


When is the last time you were prompted by the Holy Spirit to share the good new of Jesus Christ?


When is the last time you followed through on the prompting?


The eunuch innocently asks, “What would keep me from being baptized?” This is not a rhetorical question, it is a critical question. The eunuch asks the question expecting answer – lots of answers.


He is someone who has been prevented his whole life and expects to be prevented again. Philip does not give an answer because there is no answer to give.

So, what is the point of this story?

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch teaches us one of the ways God uses us to evangelize the world. The book of Acts has a lot of evangelism that was done without an angel of the Lord having to tell the Christians to do it (e.g., 8:4). It’s what one does if one loves Jesus and loves people. You tell the good news.

Reflect On:
These questions are from Bishop Lowry’s study on Acts.
1. What does it mean in your life to be offered Christ? What does it mean in the life of our church?
2. How have you experienced the Holy Spirit redirecting your life and the life of your church?

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