Know God
Sunday Morning Study
9:30 – 10:30 a.m
Age: Birth – 4 years
The nursery is regularly open during all of our Worship services on Sunday, MOPS, and during CrossRoads on Wednesdays.  For all other Church events or classes -please contact the Church Office to make arrangements for the Nursery to be available.  While children are in the Nursery, age appropriate songs, stories, and art for those children old enough to participate is scheduled.
Nursery is on the First Floor
Education Bldg
K – 5th Grade
All children in the above age group meet together to study and learn about Jesus, the Bible and the other characters using stories of the Old and New Testament.
Art, games, music, and video are incorporated into the curriculum to provide a more hands-on, fun and meaningful study experience for the children.
 Class meets upstairs in the Children’s Area Sunday School Room.
6th – 12th Grade
Upstairs Youth Room
in the Family Life Center
Youth Studies 
A time to learn, share, and prepare to “Know more about God”.
 Contact Student Ministry 
       ADULT Bible Class
Sundays at 9:30am in the basement
The “Young Adults Ministry” is a Bible study and discussion group for young adults- college age and older- with no children.
Come join us!
Come hungry, leave full of God’s word. 
Pathfinders logo

 Pathfinders is a small group looking to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Most of our members are young couples, but people from all walks of life are welcome.  Pathfinders’ topics for Bible study are usually 6-8 weeks and are agreed upon as a group.  The majority of the topics we study focus on following Christ in our busy, modern world.

This group’s success is built upon commitment to Christ and to each other.  Pathfinders small group begins each Sunday with time to socialize and support one another.  We also value fellowship time outside of church to help us continue to grow as a group. 
Meets upstairs in the Journeys Room.
Adult Sunday Morning1
All ages of Adults fit into these classes in the Education Building.
BC 217 – Discussion style.  This group studies a variety of current Christian topics by popular authors for a lively discussion.  Meets upstairs.
Kitchen Class – Lecture and Discussion style. This group uses the Uniform Series Bible Study which is a traditional Bible based style curriculum (Old and New Testament) and how it applies to today’s world.  Meets upstairs.
Patterson Open Door – Lecture and Discussion style.  Using the Uniform Series Bible Study which a traditional Bible based curriculum (Old and New Testament).  This group is a very active group of mostly retired adults.  This class combines study, song, fellowship, and service.   Meets in the Fellowship Hall.  Handicap accessible
Part of being in any family is having time to meet, talk and catch up.  Plan to stop by the Fellowship Hall kitchen area every Sunday Morning at 9:30 for fresh coffee (regular or decaf), juice, milk, and of course, fresh assorted donuts.